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UpcomingSchedule changes (Posted 06/30/2014 9:58 AM)

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Martz Trailways
June 27, 2014

Dear Customer


Based on our recent survey, customers feel strongly that Martz needs to stabilize ticket prices.

We cannot operate the current NY schedule without raising fares and we know that is not what you want or deserve. Since 2008 our ridership has decreased by 20% Therefore we are revamping the entire NY schedule in an effort to keep the prices at the current level. We understand these changes can affect your routine and your livelihood; we do not take these important factors lightly.

Once we get through the initial adjustment, we know Martz will be able to provide improved service, better contingency plans and most importantly we will be able to avoid a 2015 price increase that our customers simply cannot afford.


Here is a brief summary of some of the changes:

         West End and Panther Valley service will continue during commuting hours. Commuting hours are considered to be Monday-Friday as early as 3:30am through the 6 o'clock hour and evening returns starting at 3:20pm through approximately 7pm.

         Downtown drops and pick-ups will continue to be available, however the times have been adjusted and the downtown drops will be limited. These changes are due to the new NYC intercity permitting requirements and will effective during the upcoming schedule change.

         We have only been granted 1 Uptown stop on Madison Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets, the morning Uptown service will continue to this location only.

         Downtown and Uptown transfers will be available at NY Port Authority, if you need to transfer, simply show the driver your Martz tickets and/or receipt to board the coach that continues to your preferred stop.

         Daily service will continue from our full-service locations, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Mt Pocono and Stroudsburg/DWG and will exclude Panther Valley stops making these schedules more direct in and out of NYC.

         Weekend service will be only from our full-service locations.

The complete schedule is now available on our website (click on the scrolling message on the main page to see the PDF copy of the schedule).  We will have printed schedules available the week of July 7th.  This new schedule will take effective Monday 7.14.14. Some other improvements we are working on as a result of the survey include:

1.    Giving Commuters the option of a 40 or 44 trip monthly

2.    A plan to better manage restroom issues in the summer months

3.    Preparing a "Rider Etiquette" pamphlet for customers

Thank you in advance for working through these changes with us. We truly appreciate your business and your loyalty.

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Facebook and Twitter (Posted 03/24/2011 10:14 AM)

Martz Trailways is now on Twitter and Facebook ! Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to get instant updates on Schedule changes, road and weather delays, holiday updates and UNfare Specials offering discounts on New York, Atlantic City, Sands and Mt Airy Casinos.

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